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Debian founder calls for predictable release cycle

June 14th, 2005 | No Comments »

The Sydney Morning Herald this morning first report this morning that Ian Murdock, the founder of the Debian project, has called on current developers to put in place a regular release cycle – with urgency. Murdock wrote in his blog this morning that there are two priorities facing the current Debian release team: \”1. putting […]

Hands-off protection against zero-day exploits

June 14th, 2005 | No Comments »

Symantec today released Critical System Protection, intrusion detection software the company says will protect networks from as-yet-unknown exploits. When combined with existing Symantec enterprise software, Critical System Protection evaluates network traffic using behaviour-based routines and policies to protect against potentially malicious attacks. Critical System Protection also protects against buffer overflow and memory-based attacks and includes […]

South African Creative Commons licences go live

June 14th, 2005 | No Comments »

Close on the heels of its launch locally, Creative Commons South Africa this morning announced the release of licences tailored to the South African legal system. In an email CC South Africa\’s Heather Ford said \”now you can replace the US licences with our own jurisdiction-specific ones. Just go to publish on the Creative Commons […]

GPLv3 – Stallman spells out the challenges

June 10th, 2005 | No Comments »

The current version of the GNU General Public Licence(GPL), version 2, was released in 1991 by Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation. Version 1 of the same licence had been in existence since 1985. At the time, only a handful of developers were using the GPL to licence their work. Today tens of […]

Evolution on Windows

June 10th, 2005 | No Comments »

ZDNet Australia reports that Evolution, an open-source application which mirrors Microsoft\’s Outlook, has been successfully compiled on the Windows platform. However, a version for the masses is still some way off. Evolution was developed by Ximian, which was acquired by Novell in August 2003. Many see Evolution as a possible challenger to Outlook, particularly because […]

More men talk and drive – cellphone study

June 9th, 2005 | No Comments »

It\’s official: South African men are bigger talkers than women when it comes to cell phones in their cars. 57% of men interviewed in a major new study admitted to talking on their cellphones while driving, compared to 37% of women. The study forms part of the year-long Mobility 2005 research project undertaken by independent […]

Review: ImpiLinux 2005

June 9th, 2005 | No Comments »

Seven months or so ago local Linux users waited with bated breath for Impi 2 to be released at Software Freedom Day 2004. I subsequently reviewed it for Tectonic site. Since then, however, improvements have been made, and the latest offering from the distribution\’s stable is Impi 2005. Obvious changes include the new versioning, the […]

Telkom rakes in huge profit – again

June 7th, 2005 | No Comments »

South Africa\’s Telkom yesterday announced a net profit of R6.81 billion for the year to March. This is 47.6% up from R4.59 billion previously. Operating revenue for the period rose to R43.12 billion from R40.48 billion, while operating profit soared from R9.25 billion to R11.22 billion. Shareholders in the monopoly telecoms provider will receive a […]

Debian Sarge released on unsuspecting world

June 7th, 2005 | No Comments »

It\’s been almost three years since Woody, the previous stable release of Debian, was released in July 2002 and yesterday the Debian development team released Sarge 3.1. With the promise of a better modular installation routine and a host of \”newish\” packages the release of Sarge has been so delayed that many might well ask […]

Apple to announce switch to Intel

June 6th, 2005 | No Comments »

Apple Computer will announce its own \’Switch\’ campaign today, migrating away from the PowerPC architecture that has served it for a decade, the Wall Street Journal reports. The migration will take several years, with the first Intel-based Macs appearing next year, according to briefings Apple has given its partners. Intel CEO Paul Otellini – a […]

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