LegalWise opts for Linux

By   |  March 10, 2003

When LegalWise needed a cost-efficient server to handle its Internet needs, it turned to Obsidian Systems and the company\’s Linux-based LINC Server.

Digby Prior, general manager of MIS at LegalWise says the company had unique requirements for a general purpose solution. \”Although we are relatively low-traffic Internet users we needed a cost-efficient means for providing access to our branches around the country,\” says Prior. \”We also needed a means of managing local e-mail accounts on local servers while still managing mail transfers countrywide.\”

Prior says the Linux Internet Network Connection (LINC) server solution was ideal because of its low cost and reliability. \”Our branch locations are not generally the centre of the computing universe,\” says Prior. \”But the LINC server has made it easy for us to configure a nationwide point of presence where remote branches can find their way through to our local domain. Everything is now working far better than before – and at a lower cost. Since the LINC server has no licensing fees, we can add capacity without incurring additional software charges. \”

Charles Leaver, LINC specialist at Obsidian Systems, says the LINC Server\’s pre-installed mail server, Web server, firewall and proxy server has been configured by Obsidian Systems to ensure optimal performance, reliability and compatibility. \”The Obsidian LINC can boost the speed, productivity and reliability of any IT network,\” says Leaver. \”Many businesses today are struggling with the onerous costs of licensing proprietary solutions. LINC gives you all of the above functionality without the need for constant upgrades or annual license fees.\”

Leaver says for mission-critical situations the LINC server is the best option with its ability to handle high traffic situations and its advanced anti-spam capabilities. The LINC server includes a complete firewall with security alerts to warn of any attempts to compromise security.

\”For a business that wants a deploy-and-forget solution that works, the LINC Server is ideally suited,\” adds Leaver. \”And if advanced customisation is required, as was the case for LegalWise, we are able to change the setup for the client quickly and easily without compromising the security or relaibility of the system.\”


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