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Open source laboratory management powers up

By   |  February 2, 2007

Version 1.2.2 of the open source laboratory information management system, Bika Lims, has been released by Bika Labs.

Bika combines web content management and workflow processing to manage laboratory information using open source software.

Featuring the ISO 17025 compatibility of its predecessor, version 1.2.2 has also been migrated to Plone 2.5 by the development teams at Bika Lab Systems and Upfront Systems.

Plone 2.5, Zope 2.9 and Python 2.4 are now supported by default in this version.

Bika Lims 1.2.2 is already in production use by laboratories, including by the Cape Winelab, “skinned” as Bika Wine 1.2.2. The Wine and Interlab skins, currently in migration, will be released later in February.

Plone’s web content management capabilities remain intact and Bika continues to offer laboratories a web portal for news and information to prospects, clients and staff.

Bika Labs’ Joris Goudriaan, says that because of Plone 2.5’s infrastructure improvements and its utilisation of Zope 3 technologies, users will see improved internationalisation and performance through caching and compression techniques in this version. Users will also be able to drag and drop while reordering folder contents.

Bika Lims can be downloaded from


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