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Linux weather forecast to track projects

By   |  August 15, 2007

The Linux Foundation has established the Linux Weather Forecast. The site is intended to monitor the status of [1]Linux[/1] kernel projects.

Yesterday PCWorld reported that the forecast would be officially announced today, although it was already live and tracking developments in the Linux developer community. Projects to be tracked are those which are deemed likely to be included in the operating system’s kernel as well as those that will be included in major distributions.

Developers add 2 300 lines of code to the Linux kernel daily, PC World reported executive director at the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, as estimating.

The forecast site aims to improve on the open-source development model and speed up development by allowing developers to better see what progress is being made by others. Rather than sifting through multiple mailing lists, developers can use the site to easily keep up to date on all progress being made in the various areas of Linux development.

Areas of development being tracked include:

  • Core kernel developments
  • Virtualisation and containers
  • Filesystems
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Hardware support
  • Miscellaneous kernel topics
  • User space




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