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Obsidian now official SA Zimbra reseller

By   |  August 20, 2007

Obsidian has been appointed as an official South African value-add reseller for Zimbra, the award-winning open source messaging and collaboration platform.

As a next generation suite, Zimbra provides a unique set of end-user and administrator benefits that make it a flexible solution for deployments of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises with several thousand workstations.

"Zimbra is a highly original product," says Muggie van Staden, managing director for Obsidian. "It is not based on any existing collaboration server and does not try to emulate what is already available in the market. Instead, Zimbra offers a new and refreshing approach to messaging and collaboration."

The product has won awards from Gartner, Linux World, Business 2.0 and many more that have all hailed it as the most exciting product currently available in the collaboration space.

The collaboration suite offered by Zimbra brings together calendaring, email, instant messaging, voice over IP and other tools, combining them in an online platform. It provides an AJAX, web-based interface that can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser and also integrates with a variety of desktop clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail and many more.

"Zimbra is compatible with many environments," says van Staden. "The server can run off of OS X or Linux and the front-end is available in those two environments as well as Windows. It can then be incorporated into virtually any stack using ‘zimlets’."

With this approach, Zimbra can be integrated with, for example, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and recognise text strings in email and instant messages.

Examples of its functionality include the ability to hover over a phone number and Zimbra will pop up a menu offering to call the number in Skype. Hover over a sales order number and Zimbra will pop up details of the sale and allow for it to be approved or denied – from within the email or instant message.

Van Staden says they believe this technology will make inroads into the South African market and has a lot that it can locally. "Also, because it is an open source solution it can be easily adapted to the specific needs of South African customers."

"We are excited to add Obsidian to our growing community of partners who are dedicated to offering innovative, open source solutions for messaging and collaboration," said John Robb, vice president marketing and product management for Zimbra. "Obsidian understands that the market for email and collaboration is changing, and together we can provide the South African market a richer, and better messaging experience that legacy solutions simply can’t offer."


2 Responses to “Obsidian now official SA Zimbra reseller”

  1. ig
    August 21st, 2007 @ 12:00 am

    It\’s more than a little disappointing to see people continue to propagate the myth that Zimbra is open source. A barely functional, cut down version of Zimbra is open source. To make it useful you have to buy the proprietary version. I\’d rather see Obsidian pushing true open source solutions like Citadel, Kolab, or OpenGroupware.

  2. Charles Leaver
    August 23rd, 2007 @ 12:00 am

    Smaller clients actually love it. I say let them be the judge. Sure it\’s not an exact replacement for Exchange, but Exchange isn\’t what everybody is under the impression they want or need, and they like the look of Zimbra.

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