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Hardware not working on Linux? Speak up!

By   |  October 29, 2007

Linux kernel hacker Greg Kroah-Hartman, who is heading the efforts to develop Linux drivers for all types of hardware, has put out a request for help.

Ironically, he has more than 300 developers keen and eager to compile Linux drivers, yet they are sitting with nothing to do. Despite the fact that driver support is one of the leading hindrances for people migrating to Linux, there has not been much active support of the drive.

In a blog post, Kroah-Hartman explained that the problem (if it could be called that) was that he knew of no common devices which no longer work on Linux (aside from the ATI and Nvidia video cards).

In order to source devices in need of support, he approached the Linux Foundation Vendor Advisory Board. Aside from the ATI and Nvidia video cards, the board did not know of any drivers that needed support, he reported.

“And neither do I. I don’t currently know of any common piece of hardware in use today that is not supported on Linux. And since these vendors do not know, and I don’t, I’m asking the world to help out,” wrote Kroah-Hartman.

If you know of any devices that are in need of support for Linux, go to the Linux Driver Project wiki.


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