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Watch the Ubuntu community in real time

By   |  March 12, 2008

Here’s something useful to pass the idle hours with while you wait for your next particulary large download to complete: UbuntuStats. The UbuntuStats site tracks Ubuntu development in real time by tracking forums, bug reports, security issues as well as Ubuntu news. Sections are updated as soon as they are changed without needing to reload the site.

The UbuntuStats site now also includes the Brainstorm feed where new ideas for Ubuntu development are raised.

In an announcement yesterday, Martin Albisetti said the UbuntuStats site had been down previously because of excessive traffic load but they had now migrates the site to a new server.

“If everything goes well, we’re planning on building on top of it as previously planned, to expand the statistics gathered, and start showing trends in different areas, and cleaning up the code so other people can contribute code into the project as well as providing public snapshots of the database.”

UbuntuStats is not only useful to pass a few mindles minutes watching the feeds change, but also gives an interesting insight into the volume of interaction that goes on constantly within the Ubuntu community.



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