Microsoft claims OOXML standards win

By   |  April 2, 2008

International standards body ISO is expected to announce the formal adoption of the Microsoft-backed OOXML document standard today but already the news of Microsoft’s victory is filtering through.

Microsoft has claimed in a press release that it had secured victory in the battle for accreditation saying its OOXML standard has won support from 86 percent of all national voting bodies. The company needed 75 percent to secure OOXML’s place as a global standard. The numbers appear to be corroborated by various sources that cite similar outcomes.

In the ongoing battle for the standard, South Africa voted no in the final round, along with a handful of other countries including Canada, China, India and New Zealand.

Ubuntu Linux founder and Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth said in an interview with ZDNet that the adoption of OOXML was a “sad” day for the ISO and computing in general.

“It’s sad that the ISO was not willing to admit that its process was failing horribly,” he said, noting that Microsoft intensely lobbied many countries that traditionally have not participated in ISO and stacked technical committees with Microsoft employees, solution providers and resellers sympathetic to OOXML. “When you have a process built on trust and when that trust is abused, [ISO] should halt the process.”

The final results of the ISO vote are expected to be released today.

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One Response to “Microsoft claims OOXML standards win”

  1. RudieD
    April 3rd, 2008 @ 12:48 pm

    I’m glad that South Africa did not give in to the bad ethics of M$. I feel sorry for the people in countries that took the bribe while the people wanted to vote no. I guess that those that ignored the peoples voices will now be removed as the voice for the people because they have committed a crime and should therefore be FIRED.

    PS: I know I will NOT support OOXML in my applications, I support ODF. If my client do want OOXML they can use one of the third party conversion tools (I’ll stay far away from that TRAP).

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