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Via announces open source plans

By   |  April 8, 2008

Processor maker Via Technologies is planning to cosy up to the open source community. The company said at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit today that its first step will be to open its official VIA Linux website at later this month. The site will initially host drivers, technical documentation, source code, and information regarding the VIA CN700, CX700/M, CN896 and the new VIA VX800 chipsets, with plans to add official forums and support for more products later on in the year.

The company said that it plans to work with the community to enable 2D, 3D and video playback acceleration to improve performance in open source applications.

Via also plans to adhere to a regular quarterly release schedule that is aligned with kernel changes and release of major Linux distributions. Beta releases will be issued on the site as needed, and a bug report and tracking feature will also be integrated.


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