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Sun ships OpenSolaris, takes on Linux

By   |  May 5, 2008

A mere three years after starting the OpenSolaris project, Sun Microsystems today releases the first official OpenSolaris version. OpenSolaris includes the all-important Project Indiana, a project from Debian founder Ian Murdock to make OpenSolaris’ package management system more like that of Linux. OpenSolaris is based on the original Solaris kernel but includes features such as the Zettabyte File System (ZFS) which offers a range of tools including instant rollback and checks to prevent data corruption.

OpenSolaris is widely being seen as a competitor to the rival Linux open source operating system. One of the main reasons for this is the inclusion of Murdock’s Project Indiana, a software packaging system that simplifies the installation and integration of third party applications.

On the desktop OpenSolaris ships with the Gnome 2.20 desktop and attractive Compiz window manager which enables a range of desktop features such as 3D windows.

Much like the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system, new versions of OpenSolaris are to be released every six months.

The open source project was started by Sun in 2005 to build a developer community around Solaris. Sun uses the OpenSolaris project as a platform to build and test new features to be rolled into Sun’s own commercial Solaris server system.

OpenSolaris can be downloaded for free from the website. Sun will also offer offer paid-for support for OpenSolaris.

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