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Ubiquity: A Web 2.0 command line

By   |  August 27, 2008

One of the cooler things to come out of Mozilla Labs over the past year or so is Ubiquity which was released as a prototype yesterday. Billed as a “natural language web service connector”, Ubiquity is a whole lot more than the name suggests.

What Ubiquity does is add a command panel to any web page you’re looking at. Much like launchers such as Quicksilver, Launchy and GnomeDo, the panel is brought up with a pre-set key combination and then you can enter standard language commands into it. Things such as “email this to bill”, “translate this into german” or “calculate”. Ubiquity then either performs the action or drops down a box with the response.

Ubiquity can also find Wikipedia answers, find addresses, insert a map into an email, twitter and search popular sites for highlighted text.

Ubiquity is still in the early stages of development – version 0.1 is the current release – but it promises to be a hugely powerful tool if you’re prepared to take a little time to learn it.

To see Ubiquity in action watch the video or read the manual.

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