Google's first gadgets for SA

By   |  September 1, 2008

Google South Africa has announced the first set of SA-specific gadgets. The gadgets can be used to convert South African Rand to any currency, test users’ knowledge of South African slang and proverbs, and daily advice and tips on HIV and tuberculosis.

Google gadgets are mini-applications that make information and content available to iGoogle and other services. The easiest way to access these gadgets is to search for them by clicking on “add stuff” on your iGoogle home page and search for their terms, such as, “South African slang”.

The first four gadgets were all developed by Quirk eMarketing in conjunction with SANTA, LifeLine Southern Africa, Kwela Books and the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society.

The HIV and TB gadget is designed to provide users with detailed information, health tips, and disease-specific facts.

The South African proverb and slang gadgets lets users check their knowledge of South African slang with a quiz game and increase their knowledge of African cultural expression.

The currency converter is a quick way to convert world currencies into South African rands.

Marion Gamel who heads up marketing in South Africa for Google says “the purpose of creating the first four South African gadgets is to motivate South African users, students and companies to create many more South African-specific gadgets. We know the creativity is out there. We aim for iGoogle to become the obvious, useful, personal, and fun base from which a satisfying Internet experience happens for South African users.”



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