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First Seinfeld advert for Microsoft

By   |  September 5, 2008

Microsoft has released the first of its adverts featuring comedian Jerry Seinfeld. In this one Seinfeld finds Bill Gates in a discount shoe store and helps him pick out a pair of shoes.


The $300 million ad campaign, however, has been met with baffled responses from geeks as the initial ad appears to have very little to do with software at all.

Most observers were predicting a direct response to the Microsoft vs Mac ads that Apple have been flighting over the years.

The advert is worth watching, however, for the moment where Bill Gates pulls out his Shoe Circus loyalty card, complete with an early picture of himself.

[Via ZA Tech Show]



4 Responses to “First Seinfeld advert for Microsoft”

  1. Rexmanthe
    September 5th, 2008 @ 12:43 pm

    Hi Techtronic,

    I wrote a “tongue in cheek” article about this campaign on my blog.
    Check it out.

    Top 10 Reasons why Jerry Seinfeld should not punt Windows Vista

  2. Tsue Desu
    September 8th, 2008 @ 9:52 am

    Is this a joke? No really…was that an advert for M$ or a reintroduction of the now (my take) defunct Seinfield…Really…maybe M$ should have programmers program and marketing staff work on promotions…its obvious this advert appeals to nothing…heck I still dont know what a nice edible M$ computer looks like…now a penguin..that’s tasty 😛

    TsueDesu a.k.a This is stick

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