Linux in top five mobile OSes

By   |  September 10, 2008

Linux-based smartphones accounted for 7.3 percent of the overall market in the second quarter of this year according to IT analysts Gartner.

Dominating the smartphone OS market, however, was Symbian, the operating system popular with Nokia phones. Nokia this year announced plans to buy the remainder of Symbian and open source the software.

Symbian accounted for 57.1 percent of the smartphone OS market in the second quarter of 2008. Research In Motion, makers of the popular Blackberry, accounted for 17.4 percent of the market and second place.

Windows Mobile was installed on 12 percent of phones shipped during this period and Linux was close behind at 7.3 percent.

And, despite the hype around the new iPhone 3G, Apple’s Max OS X accounted for just 2.8 percent of the overall market during this period.


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