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OSS on show at Insite expo

By   |  September 10, 2008

Obsidian Systems is the primary sponsor for the Open for Business pavillion at this year’s International Science, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (Insite).

Insite is taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 15 to 17 September 2008.

“Insite showcases everything from bio-technology to software,” says Muggie van Staden, managing director of Obsidian Systems. “Anything technology or science related is covered. The government’s department of science and technology hosts the event and has dedicated an area this year to discussions surrounding the use of open source in business.”

“Interoperability is a chief area of focus when it comes to business software at the moment,” he says. “It deals with managing heterogeneous stacks of software and obviously open standards has a key role to play in ensuring that technologies from different vendors and developer communities are able to integrate. Interoperability will be a major area of discussion at the Open Source for Business pavilion, along with other key topics such as security in open source software, network management and others.”

Van Staden says that the pavilion will host keynote talks by industry leaders in open source business software, including representatives from Red Hat and Obsidian Systems.

“The pavilion will also showcase a mix of technologies including network gateways, backup solutions, databases and other offerings that are all powered by open source and open standards – and which are all enterprise-ready,” adds van Staden.

“And we will be celebrating Software Freedom Day on Wednesday, 17 September,” he says. “The official date for this annual celebration of open source software is the following Saturday, so South Africa will be celebrating somewhat earlier than the rest of the world this year.”

The Open Source for Business Pavilion will be open for all three days of INSITE 2008.



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