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Fedora previews new release

By   |  November 4, 2008

Want to see what Fedora 10 has in store? You’ll never get a better opportunity than now because the Fedora team has released Fedora 10 Preview Release, the final tester before final release.

Top of the features in Fedora 10 include faster boot times using Plymouth, wireless connection sharing, better printing and virtualisation storage.

In an ebullient mood the Fedora team wrote in its announcement: “And, since this is Fedora, we don’t have anything to hide. Take a peek at what is in the not-so-secret sauce by looking at our Release Notes in the Fedora Project wiki. We use 100% pure free and open source software here, none of that high-fructose proprietary stuff.”

The other big change in Fedora 10 is the upgrade to RPM 4.6 with this release which includes better support for large files, stronger checksum support and automatic cleanup of stale rpmdb locks.

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