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Linux dominates supercomputer charts

By   |  November 19, 2008

The 32nd edition of the Top 500 supercomputers lists was released late last week and Linux-based systems occupy 439 of the 500 positions. Other Unix variants, including BSD-based systems occupy another 24 positions.

The 32nd edition of the biannual list is also notable as the first time a Windows-based supercomputer has made it into the top 10 positions. That machine sits at number 10 on the list and is based at the Shanghai Supercomputer Center. Windows-based machines account for a total of 5 of the top 500 supercomputers in the world.

The remainder of the top 500 positions were taken up by mixed-environment systems and a single Mac OS system.

At the top of the list of 500 is the 1.105 petaflop/s IBM supercomputer, nicknamed Roadrunner, based at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In second spot was the Cray XT5 supercomputer, called Jaguar, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

For supercomputer fans, here are some more numbers to mull over:

  • A total of 379 systems are using Intel processors.
    The IBM Power processors and the AMD Opteron family are almost tied in second place with 60 and 59 systems each.
  • Quad-core processor-based systems are starting to dominate the top 500. Already 336 systems are using them while 153 systems are using dual-core processors, and only four systems still use single core processors.
  • Already seven systems use IBM’s advanced Sony PlayStation 3 processor with nine cores.
  • HP took over the lead in systems with 209 systems over IBM with 188 systems.
    The entry level for the list has moved up to the 12.64 Tflop/s mark on the Linpack benchmark, compared to 9.0 Tflop/s six months ago.
  • The last system on the current list would have been listed at position 267 in the previous Top500 just six months ago.
  • The US dominates the charts, accounting for 291 of the 500 systems. The European share is now 151 systems and Asia accounts for 47 systems.
  • Africa has just one system in the top 500 which is the South African IBM BlueGene computer based at the Centre for High Performance Computing in Cape Town. That runs Suse Linux Enterprise 9 and comes in at a credible position 128.


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