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PostgreSQL opens up to Windows

By   |  January 21, 2005

PostgreSQL 8.0 was released this week and includes a host of new enterprise-ready features. Most notably the inclusion of native Windows support, a lack that has plagued the database for some time now. In a recent report PostgreSQL was found to be lagging behind its two main competitors in the open source database market — Firebird and MySQL — a fact attributed in large part to its lack of Windows support. Firebird and MySQL topped the report with equal numbers of users saying they used either product. PostgreSQL came in with just around 14% of users saying they used it for one or other application.

But will the new features be enough to boost PostgreSQL\’s share of the market? Anton de Wet, South African PostgreSQL spokesperson, and CTO of Obsidian Systems, says they are \”very excited about this release of PostgreSQL as some very important features that are required for enterprise use have now been implemented.\”

Among these is the native Windows support that eliminates the need for an emulation layer and boosting performance significantly.

Other things to look out for PostgreSQL 8.0 include savepoints which allow specific parts of a database transaction to be rolled back without aborting the entire operation; point-in-time recovery for better data restoration; and tablespaces which allows large tables and indexes to be placed on individual disks or arrays, an important consideration for multi-gigabyte data warehousing systems.

Disk and memory usage have also been optimised with this release by using the Adaptive Replacement Cache algorithm, the new
background writer, and the new vacuum delay feature. This should result in result in more predictable loads and more consistent performance during peak usage times.


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