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Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring RC1 ready for testing

By   |  March 11, 2009

The Mandriva development team today announced a release candidate for its 2009 Spring release, codenamed Pomerol. Release candidate 1 includes KDE 4.2.1, GNOME 2.25.92, Xfce 4.6, server 1.6, OpenOffice.Org 3.0.1 and the brand-new qt 4.5.0.

In addition to features such as Speedboot, included in the beta release last month, 2009 Spring RC1 includes the experimental hybrid ISO technology. Hybrid ISO allows users to dump an ISO image to USB storage devices which can be used to boot additional devices such as netbooks.

The release candidate also includes a selection of cutting-edge software including Gnome 2.25.92, the release candidate for Gnome 2.26, the most recent KDE 4.2.1 release and qt 4.5 final, released last week.

As well as KDE and Gnome, Mandriva 2009 Spring RC1 also includes the final release of XFCE 4.6, released last week, as well as LXDE as the default light desktop environment.

Mandriva 2009 Spring release candidate 2 is scheduled for March 31 followed by an internal release on April 22. The final release is scheduled for April 29.


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