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Novell releases Suse Linux Enterprise 11

By   |  March 25, 2009

Novell yesterday released Suse Linux Enterprise 11 which includes a number of features intended to make the operating system interoperate better with Microsoft’s Windows OS. Major changes in the interests of interoperability include improvements in systems management, virtualisation and document formats.

Back in 2006 Novell signed an agreement with Microsoft, pledging to improve interoperability between the two operating systems. The deal was heavily criticised by open source advocates but has proved to be be good for Novell.

One of the major areas of interoperability between Microsoft and Novell was Mono, a project owned by Novell that develops an open source alternative to Microsoft’s .Net framework. In a release yesterday Novell said that the collaboration with Microsoft on Mono “enables customers to run fully supported Microsoft .NET-based applications on Linux.”

Novell has also been working with Microsoft on improving virtualisation across the two platforms. With the new release Novell says that SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 runs on a wide range of hardware and has also been optimised for “near-native” performance on a range of hypervisors, including VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen.

And, with an eye on the future of cloud computing, Novell says that Suse Linux Enterprise 11 will both be certified and supported in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as well as optimised for virtual instances, including for “IBM DB2, Informix Dynamic Server, WebSphere sMash, IBM Lotus Web Content Management and IBM WebSphere Portal instances for cloud environments.”

Suse Linux Enterprise 11 ships as both a desktop version (SLED 11) and a server edition (SLES 11).

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