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111 LPI exams written at LinuxWorld

By   |  May 19, 2005

Following on from the highly successful mass-LPI examination fest which saw the qualification of 37 new level-one and three new level-two LPI graduates in February this year, Linux Holdings and The Shuttleworth Foundation yesterday held another mas LPI certification event. This time it was held at the first LinuxWorld show in Johannesburg.

Alan McKinnon, head trainer at Linux Holdings, says \”the awareness and interest we attracted with the last mass-examination fest, as well as the almost 50% pass mark achieved was the encouragement both ourselves and the Shuttleworth Foundation needed to host a similar event.\”

\”With the number of open source and Linux interested parties attending LinuxWorld, the market couldn\’t hope for better timing or for a better venue than the conference itself to house the follow-up event,\” says Aldean Prior, managing director of LinuxWorld organisers, Exhibitions for Africa.

The certification ceremony for those candidates that passed the February exams will be held on Saturday.


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