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BitDefender for small businesses and FreeBSD

By   |  May 25, 2005

As more and more businesses – and particularly smaller ones – switch over to open source software it\’s always good news to hear traditional players extending their support to operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD. A few days ago BitDefender did exactly this when it released BitDefender for FreeBSD and just yesterday the company announced the local release of BitDefender Mail Protection for small businesses.

With an eye on the growing open source and unix-like OS environment, SA distributor Grayford Holton said \”BitDefender is moving up and out of the Linux world and into the much larger playing field of Unix-based operating systems. Enterprise-grade security setups are often FreeBSD-based and that to us is a development opportunity of the greatest order.

\”The FreeBSD testing community has also helped ensure that our products are up to the high levels of security so common within the FreeBSD world.\”

BitDefender also recently released a small business package that runs on Linux. BitDefender Mail Protection for Small Business, says Holton, is an advanced content inspection product designed to function with any Linux
distribution and mail server. The first public demonstration of the new product took place at the CeBIT Australia trade show earlier this year.

\”The BitDefender Advanced Linux Installer Script Engine (ALISE) autodetects the system configuration, pulls any necessary packages from the network, detects installed mail servers and recommends the appropriate agent to be used. The agents chosen are then installed automatically,\” said Holton.

He said the average install time is one minute and the mail server does not need to be down to install BitDefender.

BitDefender Mail Protection for Small Business is available to download and try for free from the BitDefender website along with a number of other security tools.


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