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Getting pupils to class in open source time

By   |  June 15, 2005

The SchoolTool development team and the Shuttleworth Foundation today announced the release of SchoolTool Calendar, an open source calendar server for schools.

With SchoolTool Calendar, a school can create web-based calendars and timetables for each student and teacher, as well as each class, team or other group within the school. SchoolTool also helps coordinate the reservation of shared resources such as rooms and projectors.

SchoolTool is built using Python and Zope 3 .

Building an open source software school administration system, however, is not as easy as it sounds and is one of the few projects where the Shuttleworth Foundation has struggled. In 2002 this writer wrote about the intial plans for SchoolTool. In September I wrote about the apparent standstill of the project.

The SchoolTool Calendar released today allows the shared calendars to be managed through any web browser or calendaring client including Mozilla Sunbird or Apple\’s iCal.

Calendars can be managed through any web browser or using popular calendaring clients such as Mozilla Sunbird or Apple\’s iCal.

SchoolTool Calendar is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X from the SchoolTool website:


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