KOffice 1.4 gets the go-ahead

By   |  June 22, 2005

The KDE Project yesterday released KOffice 1.4. KOffice 1.4 now also uses the OASIS OpenDocument file format which has become an approved standard for office file formats. This format is also used by the upcoming OpenOffice.org 2.0..

New applications in the 1.4 release:

* Krita – A pixel based image manipulation application
* Kexi – An integrated data management application

Improved existing applications:

* KWord – A frame-based word processor
* KSpread – An advanced spreadsheet application
* KPresenter – A full-featured presentation program
* Kivio – A Visio�-style flowcharting application
* Karbon14 – A vector drawing application
* Kugar – A tool for generating business quality reports
* KChart – An integrated graph and chart drawing tool
* KFormula – A powerful formula editor

More at www.koffice.org.


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