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Chrome gets WebM video support

By   |  June 4, 2010

The most recent development release of Google’s Chrome browser now includes WebM, the open source video technology.

The latest development release for Windows, Mac and Linux, released yesterday, has built-in support for the Google’s VP8 video and Ogg-Vorbis audio which comprise the WebM format.

The developer’s build of Chrome is the third major browser to support WebM. Versions of Firefox and Opera already support WebM, as well as Chromium, the open source offspring of Chrome.

WebM is being pegged as a royalty-free alternative to H.264, the proprietary video codec preferred by Apple and Microsoft. H.264 is owned by the MPEG LA consortium of companies, including Microsoft and Apple, which will charge royalties for using the codec.

Microsoft has said that it will include support for VP8 video in its Internet Explorer 9 release.

Chrome get Google’s new video tech (CNet)


One Response to “Chrome gets WebM video support”

  1. twit
    June 4th, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

    With the weight of Youtube (Google) behind this, is there anything stopping it? I’m not sure if it is as open as they say it is but at this point I think users are so tired of Flash, any alternative is starting to look good.

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