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Ubuntu for tablet PCs in the works

By   |  June 10, 2010

Canonical is preparing a version of Ubuntu Linux aimed at tablet PCs, a company executive said this week.

This is according to PCWorld, which quotes one Chris Kenyon, Canonical’s vice president of OEM services.

Although not exactly dripping with details, it’s also not a particularly surprising direction for Canonical. The company already has Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR), and has been progressively tweaking the interface to cater for touchscreens.

Canonical has also announced Ubuntu Light, a lightweight version of the OS supposedly aimed at the netbook market. The intention with Ubuntu Light is to offer a working desktop to users in little more than five seconds and provide users with basic capabilities to check email and browse the web. Sounds perfect for a tablet PC.

The company has also emerged as a key part of a new alliance which is pumping in funding for the ongoing development of Linux for the ARM platform. And ARM processors are key in the mobile phone/tablet PC market.

I suppose the real news here would have been if Canonical wasn’t working on a tablet PC version of Ubuntu.


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