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Ubuntu 'safer' than Microsoft Windows – Dell

By   |  June 14, 2010

It’s a bold statement from a company not usually known for going out on a limb, especially one that might annoy Redmond.

Computer maker Dell has never made any secret of the fact that it is not the most innovative company. It is simply good at spotting trends and delivering to customers what they want. Dell is also the best of friends with Microsoft. After all, most users want Windows, so that’s what they get.

Or is that changing?

Visit the website and you may be surprised to be greeted by an “Ubuntu, Keeps getting better” banner. Not only that but the site lists 10 reasons you, as a consumer, should consider Ubuntu. Among the ten reasons are things such as “Ubuntu is simple and elegant”, “Ubuntu is designed for the Internet” and “Ubuntu boots up fast”.

The real clincher, though, is number 6: “Ubuntu is safer than Microsoft Windows”. It’s a fairly blunt statement from a company that does most of its software business with Microsoft.

Dell has had something a chequered career with Ubuntu Linux, wavering between offering Ubuntu PCs and not offering them. Now it seems Dell is getting a bit more serious about Ubuntu. Or is it just that users are starting to demand Ubuntu-loaded PCs?

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