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Sneak peak at next year's Novell Open Enterprise Server

By   |  March 22, 2006

Novell has outlined its long-term roadmap for Linux-based Novell Open Enterprise Server, with the mid-2007 “Cypress” release expected to include server virtualisation, better integration with Novell and Microsoft directories, and more processor support.

Open Enterprise Server brings Novell’s flagship product, Netware, to Linux. With the Open Enterprise Server, the Netware kernel will fall away, with the flagship Netware product — Novell’s biggest success and greatest mistake — finally being put out to pasture. All that will remain are the Netware services, packaged for Linux.

“Ponderosa” is planned to follow Cypress, focusing on advanced solutions for Novell’s next generation of collaborative services, along with workgroup platform innovations for improving the productivity of knowledge workers.

Since its introduction last year, Novell has shipped more than 8 million Open Enterprise Server licenses to nearly 10 000 new and existing customers.

“Our Netware customers are embracing Open Enterprise Server, and new customers are adopting it, as well,” says Jeff Jaffe, Novell CTO. “We have been extremely pleased with how both existing and new customers have received Open Enterprise Server to help them introduce the benefits of Linux into their environments. Future versions of Open Enterprise Server will focus on letting customers take full advantage of hardware enhancements, experience improved system interoperability and flexibly address the individual needs of their organization.”

Novell also announced it will continue to support Novell Netware 6.5 as long as customers choose to run it.

“Novell recognises the need to continue supporting its loyal Netware customers, and the announcement of what amounts to perpetual support for Netware through the use of virtual machine technology should be welcome news to Netware users,” says Al Gillen, research director of system software at IDC. “This will reduce pressure to migrate off Novell and gives users the opportunity to experience Linux through Open Enterprise Server — on their own terms and timing.”


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