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Heavyweights back Linux desktop

By   |  February 6, 2003

Responding to the what they term the “overwhelming interest in Desktop Linux”, representatives from a number of key companies and organisations active in the Linux world have announced the formation of the Desktop Linux Consortium, or DLC. The vendor-neutral association is is made up of both commercial and open source organisations involved in ongoing Linux desktop development.

Among the organisations and companies making up the consortium are ArkLinux, CodeWeavers,,, KDE, Linux Professional Institute (LPI), Lycoris, The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), MandrakeSoft, NeTraverse,,,, theKompany, SuSE, TransGaming Technologies, TrustCommerce, Xandros, and Ximian.

Well known open source community leader Bruce Perens has been appointed interim executive director. “The Desktop Linux Consortium,” he said, “will assure that there is fairness in all Desktop Linux-related issues and events. All vendors will be fully represented and the open source ethos will be respected.”

The group intends to promote Linux on the desktop through its involvement in trade shows, conferences and DLC-sponsored activities and projects.

“The initial intentions for the DLC are very clear,” said interim chairman Jeremy White. “Linux is firmly established in the server space, and now desktop Linux is coming of age. The ultimate beneficiary of the consortium is the computing public, which will be assured a vibrant, open, stable alternative to closed proprietary systems and applications, interoperability, and an end to ever-escalating licensing fees.”



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