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Buffer Overflow: Firefox surges, CentOS 5.3, Fedora speeds up, HP eyeing Android

April 1st, 2009 | 4 Comments » Tags: , , ,

Firefox surges in Europe: According to Web analytics firm StatCounter, Firefox 3 has finally surpassed the popularity of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe, reports Ars Technica. Apparently Firefox 3.0 holds 35.09% market share in Europe while IE7 holds 34.51%. Which sounds like good news except that globally, Firefox is still some way behind Internet Explorer. Also according to StatCounter, worldwide market share shows IE7 holding 38.6% while Firefox holds 25.7%.

CentOS 5.3 is out: The CentOS developers today released version 5.3 of the distribution. CentOS a distribution based on the source for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3. The latest release includes several changes over version 5.2 including both new and updated packages based on RHEL 5.3 and custom changes by the CentOS developers.

Fedora 11 Beta boasts 20-second startup: The Fedora Project, which yesterday released Fedora 11 Beta, says that its latest release will boot in just 20 seconds using the improved kernel mode settings.

HP looking at Android for netbooks: HP could be preparing to develop a netbook product with Google’s Linux-based Android software platform, writes Ars Technica. According to multiple reports, HP has confirmed that it is studying Google’s operating system, but has not disclosed specific plans for adoption yet.