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Open source knowledge base

February 7th, 2003 | No Comments »

The term Open Source originated in the IT world, but the concept is making waves in other fields as well. One radical, and so far highly successful, implementation of the idea is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia which anyone can contribute to. Wikipedia allows absolutely anyone to edit a page. If you feel the article on […]

Heavyweights back Linux desktop

February 6th, 2003 | No Comments »

Responding to the what they term the “overwhelming interest in Desktop Linux”, representatives from a number of key companies and organisations active in the Linux world have announced the formation of the Desktop Linux Consortium, or DLC. The vendor-neutral association is is made up of both commercial and open source organisations involved in ongoing Linux […]

Sun shines on Linux, links to Evolution

February 5th, 2003 | No Comments »

Sun South Africa today announced that it is delivering on its commitment to Open Source by releasing seven Sun ONE products for Linux locally. Dumisani Mtoba, senior systems engineer at Sun Microsystems SA, says the release follows announcements at LinuxWorld in New York earlier this month. The latest releases include the Sun ONE Application Server […]

SA government OSS strategy document released

February 5th, 2003 | No Comments »

Last week the Government Information Officers’ Council (GITOC) formally adopted an open source software policy framework. Now the GITOC OSS workgroup has released the document underpinning the OSS strategy and it makes for interesting reading. In its most recent meeting last week, GITOC concluded that the role of open source software (OSS) should be explicitly […]

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