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Bridging the digital divide

March 12th, 2003 | No Comments »

NGO recently launched a two-year study comparing the use of open source and proprietary software in Africa. Tectonic recently caught up with programme manager Philipp Schmidt to get some more information on the study. What is And what is the organisation\’s history? is an international non-profit organisation with a mission to promote […]

PHP coding contest

March 11th, 2003 | No Comments »

Calling all hackers! Prove you are the best in this challenge of the wits. A new PHP Coding Contest is up at The challenge this time is to create a script that will play the game of \”Down-n-Out\”. This basically involves removing tiles from a grid in a strategic manner. The prizes include a […]

Sun readies StarOffice beta

March 11th, 2003 | No Comments »

From ComputerWorld – Sun Microsystems is gearing up to release the first public beta of the next version of StarOffice, hoping to boost the level of competition in the market for desktop productivity software. The beta version of StarOffice 6.1 will be available for download from Sun\’s Web site by the middle of next week. […]

LegalWise opts for Linux

March 10th, 2003 | No Comments »

When LegalWise needed a cost-efficient server to handle its Internet needs, it turned to Obsidian Systems and the company\’s Linux-based LINC Server. Digby Prior, general manager of MIS at LegalWise says the company had unique requirements for a general purpose solution. \”Although we are relatively low-traffic Internet users we needed a cost-efficient means for providing […]

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt – dispelling the open source myths

March 6th, 2003 | No Comments »

If open-source software is so good, then why isn\’t everyone using it? That\’s one of the most common questions that we encounter when we are speaking to potential enterprise customers about adopting open-source software as part of their corporate IT strategies. The answer is that many people are still fearful of adopting open-source software because […]

Open source software makes sense to government

March 5th, 2003 | No Comments »

Government is enthusiastically supporting open source software (OSS) as a cost-effective alternative to proprietary offerings as it strives to improve government and public service delivery through the use of technology. This is an important step says Paul Kotschy, CEO of SevenC Computing and past chairman of the Linux Professionals Association of SA, who says the […]

\'Linux isn\'t free but it does pay\'

March 3rd, 2003 | 5 Comments »

Linux isn\’t free, says IBM\’s lead advocate Richard Voaden, but the paybacks down the line are substantial and very real. Voaden, IBM\’s Sales Manger for Linux business manager, says \”too many people make the mistake of thinking that Linux is free. While in reality the kernel is free if you are a business looking to […]

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