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\'BakBone 100% behind Linux\'

April 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

BakBone Software says it realised a 30 percent increase in Linux licences between 2001 and 2002. Sean Jackson, Emea marketing manager for BakBone, says \”NetVault is built on an advanced modular architecture that gives IT managers the flexibility required to support continued growth and incorporate new enhancements rapidly as information storage needs expand and change.\” […]

Obsidian brings Ximian to SA

April 17th, 2003 | No Comments »

Linux solutions provider Obsidian Systems has secured the local distribution rights to the Ximian desktop suite. Ximian is an intuitive and comprehensive user interface for the open source Linux operating system. Muggie van Staaden, MD of Obsidian Systems, says the distribution deal is very exciting for the company as it is now able to take […]

Extensible Markup Linux (XML)?

April 15th, 2003 | No Comments »

Software AG today announced it has ported its entire product range to Linux and all products are now certified for SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 8. \”The stability and high scalability of Linux is making it very important for mainframes,\” says Software AG South Africa general manager, Joe Curran. \”Linux already has an almost 20 percent […]

FmPro migrates FileMaker Pro to MySQL on Linux

April 14th, 2003 | No Comments »

.com Solutions has released FmPro Migrator 1.23 which adds support for FileMaker Pro to MySQL migration FmPro Migrator has been updated to support the migration of FileMaker Pro database structure and data to MySQL databases. This updated version of FmPro Migrator provides a simple user interface to enable database developers to quickly migrate from FileMaker […]

More training from Obsidian Systems

April 14th, 2003 | No Comments »

South African Linux trainer Obsidian Systems has added the recently released Red Hat Certified Technician(RHCT) qualification to its training lineup. The certification, a subset of the already very popular Red Hat Certified Engineer qualification which is also on offer from Obsidian Systems, is primarily aimed at production technicians and gives qualifiers a solid grounding in […]

Honeywell embraces Linux

April 10th, 2003 | No Comments » reports that Honeywell is expanding its building automation solutions program with the addition of a Linux-based controller, according to European software firm SYSGO. SYSGO said it recently completed the development of Linux-based system software for the Honeywell Excel Web, a new member of Honeywell\’s Excel 5000 Open family. The new Linux-based building automation device […]

High performance FreeBSD list

April 9th, 2003 | No Comments » today announced a new list dedicated to the performance of FreeBSD under high load or extreme conditions. The list details are: Address: List URL: List admin: The performance mailing list exists to provide a place for hackers, administrators, and concerned parties to discuss performance related topics relating to FreeBSD. Topics include […]

Linux goes to the movies

April 6th, 2003 | 1 Comment »

Another success story from the world of film. This time in the making of science fiction movie \”The Core\” which used a Linux Networx 25-node Linux render farm to create many of the special effects. CIS Hollywood\’s visual effects for \”The Core\” included the rendering of \”Virgil,\” the subterranean drilling craft used to drill to […]

Digital rights management for open source

April 6th, 2003 | No Comments »

SideSpace Solutions has released OGG-S, the first open-source Digital Rights Management toolkit. Licensed under the General Public License (GPL), OGG-S is poised to become the leading cross-platform digital asset management solution. To jumpstart development of OGG-S compliant applications, full documentation of OGG-S is available at the OGG-S website: Other available OGG-S components include a […]

FreeBSD 4.8 out of the box

April 4th, 2003 | No Comments »

\”I am happy to announce the availability of FreeBSD 4.8 release, the latest release of the FreeBSD -Stable development branch,\” Murray Stokely of the FreeBSD Release Engineering team wrote this morning. \”Since the FreeBSD 4.7release in October 2002, we have made conservative updates to a number of software programs in the base system, dealt with […]

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