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August1 Briefs

July 31st, 2003 | No Comments »

\\headline IBM speculates about SCO Microsoft alliance \\headline July 30, 2003: IBM exec, Al Zoller, has named a \”set of forces\” which are \”mostly located in Redmond\” as deliberately attempting to derail widespread Linux penetration. He followed up this accusation by implicating SCO in this conspiracy theory. More at: July 25, 2003: Earlier in […]

Asian Linux to leapfrog rest of world

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

An IBM spokesman says that Asia could rapidly surpass western countries for penetration of Linux-based systems and applications because Japan, China, Korea and India have begun to give collective focus to client-side development. More at:

Unilever joins potent Open Source Development Lab

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

Consumer goods giant, Unilever, has become the first non-IT firm to join the influential Open Source Development Lab, the industry group which hired Linus Torvalds and kernel 2.6 overseer, Andrew Morton. Existing OSDL members include most major IT players such as IBM, Dell, HP, CA, Nokia, Cisco, Red Hat and SuSE. More at:

OpenOffice 1.1 due next month

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

The first major upgrade to OpenOffice will debut next month. OpenOffice 1.1 includes long awaited enhancements such as native ability to export to PDF and make Flash animations. Beta versions are currently available for download. More at:

DragonFly BSD project launches quietly

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

The DragonFly BSD project has seen a low key launch despite its lofty goal to expand on version 4 including a rewrite of the packaging and distribution system. According to the web site: \”The messaging system is going to be key to the effort. If we can get that in-place we will have an excellent […]

Netcraft web server results shows MS gaining

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

The latest Netcraft survey of web server platforms reveals much increased use of MS Server 2003 coming at the expense of Linux Apache servers. Meanwhile the use of BSD web servers also continue to expand. More at:

Australians to expose government software spend

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

Political party, the Austalian democracts, are pursuing the unusual strategy of embarrassing the government by pressuring it reveal its software licensing bill. It expects its actions to eventually result in an OSS mandate. More at:

Open Source favouritism dangerous?

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

James DeLong, director for Progress & Freedom Foundation, expresses anxiety about open source favouritism increasingly seen in government policy around the world. More at:

OSI calls for software proposals

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

The Open Society Institute\’s Information Program has issued a request for proposals for software tools that will benefit its ICT Toolsets initiative. Funding for accepted proposals is expected to be between $50 000 and $200 000. The call for proposals says \”open source projects with an active development community and approved open source initiative licensing […]

Sun, AL Indigo use MySQL to build HIV/AIDS portal

July 25th, 2003 | No Comments »

Sun Microsystems and partner AL Indigo – a new, black owned enterprise solutions company – recently completed work on an HIV/AIDS portal for South Africa\’s Medical Research Council(MRC). The site, built around the Sun ONE portal technology and based on the open source MySQL database, can be found at: Gillian Staniland, Knowledge Management Divisional […]

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