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Time to start charging Windows users higher ISP charges?

August 28th, 2003 | 1 Comment »

Through an unprecedented coincidence of error and bad timing on the part of my service provider and one of the worst Windows worms ever, the past week has been one of the more difficult I have had to face since I started Tectonic. I don\’t want to go into too much detail regarding the series […]

Support better for open source, says Comparex

August 26th, 2003 | 2 Comments »

Corporate South Africa could save millions of rands by using open source software (OSS), says Dave Gilbert of Comparex Africa. Gilbert also says that the perception that OSS is not scaleable enough or adequately supported locally are equally untrue. \”Because many heads globally are brought to bear on glitches in OSS there are more frequent […]

Sun\'s Linux desktop sees the light of day

August 26th, 2003 | No Comments »

At the Linuxworld conference late last week Sun Microsystems showed of its long-awaited Linux-based desktop software. Called Mad Hatter the new desktop combines Java technologies with the popular Gnome desktop environment. Dumisani Mtoba, senior systems engineer at Sun Microsystems South Africa says the desktop will be compatible with Linux, SunRay as well a Solaris-based machines […]

OpenOffice 1.1 promises big things

August 25th, 2003 | 1 Comment »

With the long-awaited 1.1 just days away from full release, Tectonic took the most recent release candidate (RC3) for a spin to get an insight into what users can expect: is perhaps one of the most important desktop offerings of the open source world – alongside perhaps the likes of Evolution – and […]

August25 Briefs

August 18th, 2003 | No Comments »

\\headline SCO\’s evidence gets blasted \\headline 23 August 23, 2003: Evidence has begun to emerge that Dennis Ritchie, an original UNIX programmer from the 70\’s, may have written some of the code that SCO now claims as it\’s own. More at: 22 August, 2003: Linux experts Bruce Perens and Eric Raymond have attributed SCO\’s […]

Idlelo OSS conference looking for speakers

August 11th, 2003 | No Comments »

The organisers of the Idlelo Open Source conference taking place in Cape Town in January 2004 have put out a call for papers. The conference, which will include a number of plenary sessions as well as a series of parallel workshops as well as a hackathon, will be hosted by, among others, the Free Software […]

LTSP releases version 4 of thin-client technology

August 11th, 2003 | 1 Comment »

Fans of diskless workstations will no doubt be pleased with the release this week of version 4.0 of Linux Terminal Server Project. The newest release of the thin-client technology boasts faster configuration and a host of new utilities. \”LTSP fulfills a critical need to have reliable, powerful, low-cost deployment options for Linux,\” says Jim McQuillan, […]

Light, fast Firebird browser gets it right

August 11th, 2003 | 1 Comment »

Mozilla\’s Firebird browser is fast, very fast. And with one of the most attractive interfaces around the browser promises to be a real contender in the fight for the Internet desktop. Here two users, one on Linux and the other on Windows, offer opinions on what makes Firebird so attractive. Alastair Otter (Firebird 0.6 on […]

No licensing changes planned for Ximian, says Novell

August 11th, 2003 | No Comments »

Novell\’s announcement early last week that it had acquired Linux desktop provider Ximian raised a number of questions in the open source community and some fears that the takeover would change the ways that some of the products distributed by Ximian would be licensed. In an email interview with Tectonic Novell South Africa\’s Jesse Pretorius […]

August 11 briefs

August 11th, 2003 | No Comments »

\\headline Apache app server takes on IBM, BEA \\headline August 08, 2003: Apache Software Foundation, the group responsible for the world\’s leading web server, has committed to building a Java-based application server. Code-named Apache Geronimo, the open source server will compete directly with market leaders IBM Websphere and BEA WebLogic and will be built strictly […]

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