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Open Source vs. Open Standards

March 26th, 2004 | No Comments »

William Shakespeare convincingly argued that when it comes to roses and matters of the heart, nomenclature is superfluous – because that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. However, the Bard would have to concur that, for best results, the technology industry should demand rather more clarity in its […]

HP\'s four-in-one Linux solution

March 26th, 2004 | 1 Comment »

HP last week offered a new take on the idea of low-cost and shared computing with the launch of its Linux-based 441 solution. HP\’s 441 is a single PC which supports four people working simultaneously by using four graphics cards running four monitors and four USB ports for keyboard and mouse inputs. Each user is […]

IBM to ship SuSE Linux severs

March 26th, 2004 | No Comments »

Novell earlier this week announced it had finalised the previously announced $50 million investment in Novell by IBM which was publicised in conjunction with Novell\’s offer to acquire SuSE Linux in November last year. The two companies have, however, also exoanded the intial agreement enabling IBM to ship SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, which customers license […]

\'Still major constraints to the adoption of FOSS in the developing world\'

March 26th, 2004 | No Comments »

This is an excert from the original article at Newsforge Many people have called for the increased adoption of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in developing countries in general, and in Africa in particular. The reasons center around issues of affordability, ownership, and openness. Although the use of FOSS in developing countries is increasing, […]

Novell open sources iFolder

March 24th, 2004 | No Comments »

Boosting its involvement in the open source community, Novell today announced the iFolder open source project, a project that will be the basis for the next enterprise version of Novell iFolder and other future collaboration products. The project consists of three code branches: Simias (the core synchronisation engine and data store on which Novell iFolder […]

Namibian OSS workshop produces Kiswahili dictionary

March 19th, 2004 | 2 Comments »

Kiswahili speakers can now spellcheck documents in their own language. A group of developers taking part in the Africa Source joined forces – and resources – to develop the first-ever Kiswahili dictionary. The project, led by Jason Githeko of Kenya and\’s Dwayne Bailey produced the new dictionary in one of the training sessions during […]

African hackers gather in Namibia

March 16th, 2004 | No Comments »

Open source developers from across the African continent (and some from further afield) descended on the small Namibian town of Okahanja this week to further their own skills as well as promote the use of free and open source software across Africa. The five day developer workshop is being organised Amsterdam-based NGO Tactical Technology Collective […]

Novell launches new certifications to promote Linux adoption

March 8th, 2004 | No Comments »

Novell last week announced two programmes to ensure that customers and partners can obtain high quality technical expertise to support Novells Linux-based solutions. Novell launched its Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) program, including the CLE Practicum exam, and the SuSE Certified Linux Professional certification, which recognises expertise on the SuSE Linux distribution. Both programs are designed […]

South African online banking reaches million mark

March 8th, 2004 | No Comments »

According to the latest World Wide Worx research report, \”Online Banking in South Africa 2004\”, the number of online bank accounts in South Africa grew by 28% last year, despite the online security scare that hit Internet banking during 2003. \”Ordinary South Africans kept a cool head while the media created a frenzy around a […]

Novell speaks out on SCO case

March 8th, 2004 | No Comments »

Late last week Novell issued a public statement on SCO saying Novell remains confident in its position regardings its current court battle with SCO. In its statement Novell said: SCO\’s recent lawsuit against Novell illustrates that SCO\’s campaign against enterprise adoption of Linux is foundering. It seems that litigation has now become SCO\’s principal line […]

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