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Guide to setting up a PC refurbishment centre

November 9th, 2004 | No Comments »

Africa needs more PCs. Most people agree on this, even if everyone doesn\’t agree on how to get them here. And often the price of new computers puts them well beyond the reach of most Africans. A fact that is compounded by lack of technical skills on the continent. One approach gaining a increasing following […]

Open source improves flow at water treatment lab

November 8th, 2004 | No Comments »

Open source software including the PostgreSQL database, iText and Linux are being used by the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality to collect and analyse water samples in its many water treatment plants. The system now used by the municipality was developed by local company Technology Systems Integration. The Tshwane (formerly Pretoria) municipality collects data around the clock […]

Sun looks to grow developer base

November 1st, 2004 | No Comments »

Sun Microsystems South Africa, as part of its corporate social responsibility programme, has set up a developer promotion project that includes cut-price hardware and software. The programme, said channel manager Jos Nickmans is initially limited to 500 approved candidates. Those that apply and are approved will be able to buy either the workstation bundle or […]

OpenBSD 3.6 released

November 1st, 2004 | No Comments »

OpenBSD, the project founded by ex-South African Theo de Raadt, released version 3.6 on Friday with \”significant improvements\”. In a news release the team said they \”remain proud of OpenBSD\’s record of eight years with only a single remote hole in the default install. As in our previous releases, 3.6 provides significant improvements, including new […]

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