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Why you should train your staff

February 21st, 2005 | No Comments »

Previously, we looked at the value of training and what certifications are available. This is a good time to shift the focus a little onto the employer, and ask \”why should you train your staff?\” People want to be good at their job. Bosses want their people to do their job well, and we all […]

Open source-based point of sales

February 21st, 2005 | No Comments »

A locally designed and developed point-of-sale and inventory management software system targeted at a broad spectrum of retail organisations has been launched by Singularity. Called Positron, the system includes accounting, inventory tracking and control, sales and distribution centre functions as well as customisable business analysis and modelling features. The system also includes a fully integrated […]

Massive response to SA\'s first open source magazine

February 17th, 2005 | No Comments »

Tectonic Magazine has unveiled its preview edition, giving readers a tantalising taste of what to expect from the full-blown open source software magazine, due out in March. The 16-page preview edition is packed with the latest open source software news; in-depth articles on Ubuntu, MySQL, and X.Org by industry experts; useful HOW-TOs and much more. […]

Pick \'n Pay opens up network to open source computer labs

February 14th, 2005 | No Comments »

Major corporations such as Pick ‘n Pay typically run networks that allow for fast and efficient Internet and email access, allowing huge amounts of information to flow in and out of the organisation. But when employees go home at the end of the day these vast resources sit unused and underutilised. Now Pick \’n Pay […]

Choosing the right Linux certification

February 7th, 2005 | 1 Comment »

In this third of a series of articles on training in Linux, I want to look at the certification programs available. In Linux, we are very fortunate to have at least two excellent high quality programs with high credibility. They are the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) from Red Hat, and the Linux Professional Institute\’s […]

F1 racers boost performance with Linux

February 7th, 2005 | No Comments »

When the BMW Williams Formula One team set out to design a better car for the 2005 season they turned to supercomputers running Linux to get a much needed edge. Using the HP supercomputer infrastructure at the HP Labs in Bristol, the team were able to assess more than twice as many aerodynamic models this […]

Oracle pushes out new application server version

February 7th, 2005 | No Comments »

Oracle last week unveiled its application server 10g release 2 with a host of new development tools for Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and Windows. This latest release has been uploaded to Oracle Technology to provide software developers access to the new version. According to Francois Marais, principal consultant at Oracle South Africa, key the release includes […]