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LPI clarifies SA exam pricing

By   |  May 19, 2006

Linux Professional Institute exam prices will remain unchanged in South Africa until the end of the year. That’s the word from director of operations, Glenn McKnight, who is in South Africa overseeing the LPI examination event at LinuxWorld Johannesburg.

He described reports of South African LPI exam prices sharply rising towards the end of this year as a “miscommunication and misunderstanding” between the Shuttleworth Foundation, which administers the paper-based exams in South Africa, and the LPI.

“We have heard the concerns of the community and we are going to honor the price commitments [for 2006],” he said, but declined to say what the cost of an LPI exam will be in 2007, other than that it will be a “fair and equitable price for everyone”.

He said next year’s LPI exams at LinuxWorld Johannesburg will cost 75 US dollars per exam paper, which at current exchange rates would equate to around R475 per exam. Examinees at this year’s event paid R300 per exam.

McKnight said the LPI had talks with Shuttleworth Foundation representatives, who were “very eloquent and passionate about their beliefs”. LPI CEO, Jim Lacey, who makes the pricing decisions, “listened and made the concession,” he said.

Despite the global price increase from $100 (R630) to $150 (R950) per LPI exam, McKnight maintains that it is “a very cost-effective exam” when taking into account training and material costs. “Anyone can learn it on their own,” he said, unlike other certifications that require accredited training.

McKnight said creating and managing an exam is not cheap. In the future, government, civil society and aid agencies may have to subsidise exams to keep the price down for those who cannot afford it. “We’re not a charity,” said McKnight, but also stressed that the non-profit doesn’t “want to rob anybody of their inheritance”.

He says the LPI certification is a yardstick that provides a “demonstrable proof of competency” and commitment to professional development. But he noted that the organisation can’t certify everything. “LPI does not judge personality traits … or whether they will smell,” he joked.


One Response to “LPI clarifies SA exam pricing”

  1. Riaan van Niekerk (RHCE, LPIC-2)
    May 21st, 2006 @ 12:00 am

    Regarding the following \”Anyone can learn it on their own,\” he said, unlike other certifications that require accredited training.\”
    What certifications does he refer to?

    Neither Novell nor Red Hat have their courses as a prerequisite for the exams:
    \”consider taking one or more of Red Hat\’s RHCE courses in preparation for the exam, but these courses are not required.\”\’ target=\’_blank\’>
    \”As with all Novell certifications, course work is never required\”

    The objectives for both exams are clearly stated for those who want to do self-study in preparation for the exam.

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