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Linux in Education portal launched

By   |  February 21, 2003

February 19, 2003 (Reno, Nevada) The Linux In Education Portal was launched for public viewing today. Linux In Education Portal is unique in the Linux in education community because its focus is on connecting individual education professions to the specific Linux information that is useful for them.

The site’s easy navigation will delight viewers with the information they are looking for, quickly. School IT staff will find the technical information they need to plan, setup and administer a Linux server and Linux-based computer lab. Teachers and students will be able to find the information they need to effectively use Linux at school and home. A page for school administrators will provide the essential information they need to plan Linux into their technological strategy. Jonathan Hughes, the website’s designer, comments, “It was my goal to keep the focus of the site narrow so that the viewers can find the information they need in a very effective way.”

A special section of the site is devoted to giving the Linux in education advocate the tools they need to advocate Linux in their area. “In fact,” Jonathan Hughes explains, “that was one of the purposes I fore saw for the website. A website that a Linux advocate, whether an IT staff already in a school or an active community volunteer, could give to educational professionals that gives them a starting point in their exploration of Linux in education.”

Linux In Education Portal can be found at

About Linux In Education Portal

The Linux In Education Portal is a site that is devoted to bringing useful information on mature Linux projects to educational professionals. The site is updated frequently to provide a current view of Linux in education.

Linux In Education Portal is a member of


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