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Run any Windows app on Linux with 2X

By   |  June 28, 2006

Thin client software company 2X has come up with a novel way to get Windows applications running on Linux desktops – stream it from a Windows box.

The company launched its 2X ApplicationServer Linux Client yesterday, which allows Linux machines to interact with the 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services.

Any application that runs on Windows gets hosted on a central server, and clients running a Linux desktop launch a virtual instance of that application. Much like a thin client system, the server does all the work, and the resulting screen is pushed over the network and displayed on the client’s machine.

The solution is certainly a unique alternative for companies that want to deploy Linux desktops but are still reliant on a few Windows applications that won’t run under the open source Windows emulator, Wine. The application server also makes it easier to roll out new applications and patches from a centralised server.

“With the 2X ApplicationServer Linux client, deploying Linux on the desktop becomes more realistic, since you can continue to use Windows applications which don’t have a Linux version,” says Niko Makris, 2X president.

ApplicationServer is available for free for up to five applications from 2X’s web site.


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