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sqlDesktop cleans up

By   |  March 18, 2003

Trying to make sense of all your documents, email and Web links? Developers PIM have released a Java- and SQL-based organiser that pulls everything from email to documents to Web sites into one common interface.

\”sqlDesktop is a manual filing system arranged just like an ordinary office with pictures of real cabinets and real folders,\” says PIM\’s Rene Levantinh. \”With sqlDesktop you can put documents that relate to the same topic into a common folder regardless of their physical storage location or data format. You can arrange by project, by department or whatever makes sense to you. sqlDesktop doesn\’t tell you how to organise, it lets you do things your own way.\”

Levantinh says documents are to find because users don;t have to remember the exact name of the document or where they put it. \”You can visually locate what you are looking for in a familiar office environment and click on it.\”

sqlDesktop also lets users add remainder\’s, to-dos with start and end date as well as categorise and locate information using keywords.

Levantinh says sqlDesktop also gives users greater security from attack because all of their documents are stored in a database and not simply on their desktop where they could be vulnerable to virus or hack attack.

sqlDesktop runs on Windows and Linux and with the server-based version is capable of connecting both Windows and Linux desktops to common data sources.

PIM is a privately held company based in Anthony, France.

The desktop edition of sqlDesktop is free for download from


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