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OSS document management for small businesses

By   |  September 26, 2006

South Africa-developed KnowledgeTree, an open source document management application, is now available in two additional versions catering to enterprise and small business users.

“KnowledgeTree SMB and KnowledgeTree Enterprise editions tailor the KnowledgeTree document management offering to specific ends of the market, providing each with extremely attractive price performance,” says Daniel Chalef of KnowledgeTree developers Jam Warehouse. “The two editions are based on version 1.1 of our commercial KnowledgeTree platform, adding significantly enhanced internationalisation support and Windows integration capabilities.”

Chalef also says the team has added a number of new features to the new releases. These include an extensible workflow trigger system that allows custom actions to be executed from within workflows. “It’s a significant extension to the developer API of our commercial offering and provides a powerful new addition to our workflow capabilities,” says Chalef.

Other new features include the ability to make documents immutable, providing enhanced security and ease of use in records management environments.

KnowledgeTree, built on the popular open source LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack, has been downloaded more than 200 000 times to date.

The application is available in three additions: KnowledgeTree Enterprise, KnowledgeTree SMB and KnowledgeTree Open Source.

The commercial editions provide all the functionality of the open source edition and offers additional functionality including a WebDAV Integration Server and Client Tools for Windows, providing a familiar Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office interface into the document repository and direct-to-repository scanning capability.


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