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LPI beta-tests level 3 exams

By   |  October 19, 2006

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) hosted the first “beta” exams for the LPIC-3 certification programme at LinuxWorld Utrecht earlier this month. The LPIC-3 certification is scheduled for release in January 2007.

Over a dozen Linux professionals from the Netherlands and Germany volunteered for the test event at LinuxWorld Utrecht on October 11 and 12. Similar “beta” LPIC-3 exam events are scheduled in 2006 for Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Africa, UK, and the USA and will involve over 300 Linux professionals.

Matthew Rice, director of product development for the Linux Professional Institute explained that the LPIC-3 exams were a result of consultations with LPI’s partners, industry leaders, and members of LPI’s Strategic Advisory Council: “We have been hearing for some time that there is a strong need for skills verification in an enterprise-level Linux certification and so we have developed the LPIC-3 certification. These beta exam labs will enable us to more thoroughly test our Job Tasks Analysis and exam objectives to ensure that LPIC-3 is of high quality and relevant,” said Rice.

At present there are no dates set for either “beta” tests or examinations in South Africa. Eric Andrews, the Freedom League project manager was unable to confirm whether there would be anything happening before next year. He did say that the last exams of the year for level one and two will happen on December 2 in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, adding that level two is a prerequisite for level three. This will be the last time that the exams can be written for only R275 – from next year they will cost approximately $150 each.

LPIC-3 measures professional Linux skills in the areas of authentication and file sharing services. More specifically, the test includes:
– LDAP, PAM and related technologies
– Samba, NFS and related technologies
– Capacity planning
– Trouble shooting
– Core network services


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