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Ubuntu Edgy release candidate out

By   |  October 19, 2006

A week ahead of the final release date for Ubuntu Edgy Eft, the development team has made available a release candidate for download.

Edgy Eft is the next version of popular desktop Linux distribution Ubuntu (Tectonic’s preview here)

“The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release candidate for version 6.10 of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu — codenamed ‘Edgy Eft’. The release candidate includes installable live desktop CDs, server images, alternate text-mode installation CDs and an upgrade wizard for users of the current stable release,” the team said in its announcement today.

“We consider this release candidate to be complete, stable and suitable for testing by any user.”

The final release of version 6.10 is scheduled for 26 October 2006 and will be supported for 18 months on both desktops and servers.

Notes on installing or upgrading earlier versions of Ubuntu can be found here.


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