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By   |  October 24, 2006

Get your friends jobs and earn a mint. That is the idea behind a new South African recruitment website,, which launched this week. Taking advantage of Web 2.0 features and using an innovative business model, the site offers a reward for people who successfully refer a candidate for the job.

Unlike other sites where fees are charged for each job placed, companies can upload jobs for free and choose what they are willing to pay for a successful placement. Job seekers list for free and can either apply directly or refer candidates. It is the referrer who is paid the ‘reward’ for a successful placement.

“It’s about creating a community of employers and job seekers which makes it worthwhile to check regularly. If I check and see a job that’s perfect for a friend of mine, I can not only help them find a job but be paid into the bargain,” comments site founder, Chris Rowe. “The site essentially incentivises job seekers to become dedicated head hunters.”

The site has been launched in partnership with, a technology company based in Westville, Durban. Chris Rowes explained that development of the site began about nine months ago. Although only launching publicly this week, the site has been operating for three weeks to allow recruiters to familiarise themselves with the site and how it functions on the back end. The site charges an admin charge to cover costs for each successful placement, but it is only around February next year that Rowes believes they will begin to turn a real profit with the introduciotn of recruitment subscriptions and a pay-per-post system for jobseekers.

Rowes sees the site as differing from other recruitment sites in that it ads value and has the potential to be a powerful social networking tool.

Employmint takes advantage of Web 2.0’s many features. Running on Ajax, it runs faster than other similar sites as well as being more intuitive for the user. “In the past, web applications would post data back to the server and there would be a delay while the results page loaded.” says Chris. “With Ajax, there is little or no delay as only the query results are returned – not the whole page.”

A handy feature of the site is its tagging capability. “Let’s say I’m a job seeker checking the site, I can tag jobs in any way I like, I may decide to tag them according to people I have referred, by salary or geographic location,” explains Rowe.

Personal blogs and communities are another Web 2.0 feature used by Employmint. Each job seeker gets their own blog when they register which they can use to promote themselves to prospective employers.

The site is built on a service oriented architecture, which provides the ability to easily plug into third party applications. “We are always open to improvements and suggestions from the user community,” comments Chris. “The site is built in such a way that additional features can be easily integrated.” It is this constant evolution in response to the users’ own requests that has coined the term “perpetual beta”.

Update: In the original article we stated Employmint was started in partnership with ePage. The partnership is, in fact, with The article has been updated with this information


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