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Firefox 2 released

By   |  October 25, 2006

Mozilla released the much anticipated Firefox 2 yesterday. The new version totals 5.6 megs and is availaible for download at both and As with the previous releases, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac users.

Following hot on the heels of the IE 7 release, comparisons already abound between the two. Although far from a conclusive acid test, bloggers and other web commentators seem to favour Firefox 2.

Version 2 of the browser offers improvements to the user interface, security tools and further options for customisation.

Key new features include:

Tabbed browsing: Firefox 2, tabbed browsing has been improved with the addition of individual close buttons on each tab, enhanced tab navigation features, and a session restore system that automatically restores previously-open windows and tabs when a new browsing session is started.

Spell checking: Inline spell checking in Firefox 2 automatically checks for spelling errors and suggests corrections as users interact with Web sites.

Searching: The new Search Suggestions feature dynamically updates a drop-down list of suggested search terms as users enter text into the search bar.

Web feeds: With increased options for handling Web feeds, users now see a preview of the content being offered and are given the option to subscribe to a feed as a Live Bookmark or with a desktop application.

Identity theft protection: Firefox 2 helps protect users from identity theft by quickly informing them when they surf to a questionable Web site. To protect users’ privacy, Phishing Protection is active by default with a local blacklist that updates hourly, rather than sending information to an external online service. An enhanced mode is available where users may optionally elect to have Firefox check the validity of Web sites with a third-party Web service, such as Google, prior to loading the site. Phishing Protection provides warnings, advice and guidance when Firefox encounters a Web site that appears to be fraudulent or malicious.

The browser is not without a few bugs though. To see the list of known problems with the browser, visit

For a detailed look at the new features on firefox 2, visit


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