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ZybaCafe alpha version out

By   |  October 30, 2006

After nearly a year of design and months of coding, developer A.J. Venter was proud and happy to announce that the first alpha release of ZybaCafe is available. Venter said, “this release should be good to go in nearly any situation, but before I declare it stable I am giving users a chance to test it and try it out for themselves. Please send any requests for changes or contributions to me as we move into a test-phase.”

ZybaCafe is a complete, multiplatform tool for managing internet-cafes and cybercafe’s. The core program is free software under the GNU GPL version 2.0 or later. Venter explained that ZybaCafe builds on the success of it’s parent-project direqcafe with many new enhancements that will greatly reduce the overhead in managing a cybercafe, while also being significantly easier to use.

“The use of a complete postgresql RDBMS in the backend ensures data-integrity and simple network independence. This has allowed ZybaCafe to go beyond the limitations of direqcafe as a true next generation cybercafe admin tool,” explained Venter.

ZybaCafe also uses powerful and integrated plugin tools which allow ZybaCafe to focus on it’s core task of cybercafe management while making it easy to let it integrate with other tools such as accounting or CRM packages.

“The alpha release has proven quite stable and very low on resources in our internal testing and as we move into external testing now, we look forward to seeing how it can grow.”

Venter concluded, “my personal thanks to my employers OpenLab International for adopting the project. ZybaCafe long went past the limitations of what a little one-man hobbyist project can achieve. As of this version it became a company project with the full development team involved. My sincere thanks – I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

ZybaCafe technical details, downloads and other documentation are meant to be available at (Please note that at the time of this story going online, the link was not working, but it has been included anyway.)


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