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Linux goes to the movies

By   |  April 6, 2003

Another success story from the world of film. This time in the making of science fiction movie \”The Core\” which used a Linux Networx 25-node Linux render farm to create many of the special effects.

CIS Hollywood\’s visual effects for \”The Core\” included the rendering of \”Virgil,\” the subterranean drilling craft used to drill to the center of the earth. CIS Hollywood used the Linux Networx render farm to render volumetric fluid surrounding \”Virgil\” as it travels through rock, magma, crystals and diamonds on its way to the earth\’s core. The render farm was also used to composite all elements of the scene together. The Linux Networx system included 50 AMD Athlon MP processors.

\”It is critical that we have the fastest, most affordable rendering hardware available,\” said Don Fly, general manager for CIS Hollywood. \”The Linux Networx cluster was easy to set up and the ICETM cluster management tools simplify administration, allowing us to render more quickly and meet our deadlines.\”

\”A clustered system is ideal for visual effects companies looking to speed up their rendering projects, and Linux Networx specialises in the unique system configuration required to create an efficient render farm,\” said Josh Harr, chief technology officer for Linux Networx. \”We are glad to see our systems being used to create visual effects for high-profile motion pictures.\”

CIS Hollywood creates computer-generated visual effects for feature films, television programs and commercials. The new Linux Networx render farm allowed CIS Hollywood to double the output to complete 3D rendering and 2D compositing tasks.


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  1. Mark
    January 5th, 2004 @ 12:00 am

    the Core was one of the movies that wow\’ed me and i must say I am happy that linux had a part in Go Linux and Amd the future is Good for us

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