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Ubuntu open week kicks off

By   |  November 27, 2006

Ubuntu Open Week kicks off this week, welcoming everyone from all walks of life, distros, skills, opinions and curiosities to come along and get involved. Taking place on IRC, the sessions run from Monday till Saturday between 5pm and 11pm South African time with the aim of growing the Ubuntu community.

There will be sessions on various subjects including Ubuntu desktop team, packaging 101, the Ubuntu community, translations with Rosetta, Kubuntu, maintaining an Ubuntu package, becoming an Ubuntu member, using Launchpad, ask Mark, the Ubuntu bug squad, LoCo teams, Ubuntu documentation project, Edubuntu, patching packages, Xubuntu and Ubuntu ports.

For those who are new to the distro, there is the Fresher’s Day on Friday for anyone with an interest in Ubuntu to get involved. Anyone interested in contributing to Ubuntu can go to #ubuntu-freshers on where there are people ready to help newbies get started.

Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu community manager at Cononical, said in the Ubuntu Open Week announcement on his blog that “being part of Ubuntu does not have to be a technical, hardcore, programming or packaging job. You can be involved with artwork, marketing, advocacy, local community teams, documentation, translations and more.”

“We are keen that everyone with every discipline can be a part of our growing community. If you would like to help but are unsure of how, that is what the Ubuntu Freshers Day is for.”

To join in on the events, use your IRC client to connect to the Freenode IRC network at Then join #ubuntu-classroom for the time and date of the session you want to attend.

For the full event details, programme and help on connecting to the workshops, visit


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